We Let the Kids Pick the Apartment We Would Move to in Minnesota

I put in for a transfer to one of our corporate facilities that was offering more vertical opportunities and was in need of a technical expert like myself. The first move was more of a lateral position, but it paid quite a bit more than my present job. I was hesitant when the company made me an offer, but when they said they would pay moving expenses, my wife and I agreed I should accept it. The kids did not want to move, so we asked what kind of place would make them want to. They showed us the www.cedarsedina.com website for the Cedars at Edina apartments in Minnesota telling us they would move if that was where they could live.

The swimming and the fact that the place was pet-friendly were the top two things on their list. The very top was us being able to bring Clarence, our cat, along with us. She, yes Clarence is a she and super friendly. She got her name when we thought she was a boy kitten, and it just sort of stuck. Clarence was definitely going with us. She even goes with us on vacation and is oddly, for a cat anyway, comfortable wherever we take her. She follows us around better than a highly trained dog would.

Anyway, my wife and I needed more than just pet-friendly and a swimming pool, and the apartments had much more. The fitness facility makes it so we do not have to pay for separate gym memberships. Also, there is heated underground parking. Very nice for Minnesota winters. We are used to winters in the northeast, so this will not be a huge change. The kids do make the most of their summers, so the swimming will continue to be a major attraction for them. Stainless steel appliances in our kitchen and other amenities like that had my wife and I agree to the place where our kids insisted we live if we were making the big move to Minnesota.

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