She is Happy Here with Us

My husband was married for nearly ten years before he got a divorce. The two have a young daughter who is now 14 years old. When her father and I were first married, she had a real hard time adjusting to the fact that her father had a new wife. We definitely had our growing pains as a family, but I love that girl with all of my heart. When we started looking at luxury apartments in Asheville NC, I wanted to make sure that his daughter felt like this was her home too even though she would only be with us periodically through the year since her mother has full custody.

The apartment that I found at The District is absolutely perfect for our small family. Because I want her to feel welcome but also be able to maintain her privacy, I really like that her bedroom is on one end of the apartment while ours is at the other end. We have a master bathroom attached to ours along with a dressing room which doubles as a large closet. Right outside our bedroom door is the washer and dryer closet, which makes doing laundry so convenient for me.

The living room and kitchen are in the middle of the apartment, and her room is on the other side. She also has her own private bath. It doubles as the guest bathroom, but we rarely have company over when she is here so it is like her own private bath since she has a door to it right from her bedroom. When she saw everything that the apartment offers from the spacious rooms and glorious views to the community amenities, she told us how wonderful it is. We are growing closer all the time, and I am just happy that she is so happy here with us.

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