I Turned the Den into a Home Office

I was conflicted on whether I wanted to get a two bedroom apartment or just try to make do with a one bedroom unit. I had been looking at different apartments for rent in Colton CA, and I found a few really nice ones but I just was not sure that a one bedroom would suffice for me. That problem was rectified when I found a one bedroom apartment with a den at The District at Grande Terrace. I had not seen any of the other apartment complexes offer a den with their units, and it was just the right size for me.

I don’t technically work from home, but I do bring a lot of work home with me. I did not want my apartment to look cluttered with everything either in the dining room or living room, and I certainly did not want my work to invade my bedroom either. Having a den was the perfect answer for me, and I have converted it into a home office for myself. Since having this dedicated space for my work, I am actually telecommuting a lot more often, and I love the days where I just have to walk out of my bedroom and into my office to go to work.

There are so many other things about my new apartment that I really like too. Probably my second favorite thing after the den slash home office is the large balcony I have. I have a small dinette set out there, and then there are a couple of lounge chairs as well. I spend a lot of time out there, and I honestly cannot imagine living anywhere there is not a balcony now. To be perfectly honest, I cannot imagine living anywhere else other than here because it is the most perfect place ever.

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