How to keep a healthy heart


Each year suffer from heart disease between 25 and 30 thousand people in Israel only! When, between 5-7 thousand people die from the disease each year. Heart just stops functioning.

The main reason for heart disease lies in the supply of oxygen through the arteries and when they become clogged, oxygen does not reach. In addition, high blood pressure leads to heart dysfunction. if want to avoid tonsil stones, which is common for people with high blood pressure, you need to avoid having high blood pressure.

The good news is that there are now offered free tests, such as blood lipid testing, paying attention when your period induces – ┬ácan be Ziv Medical Center. It is important to take care of our heart health and neglect. If you suffer from high blood pressure or if your family history of heart disease, it is advisable for you to be with your finger on the pulse and will be reviewed annually.

The following are general tips to help you keep your heart:

Take it easy – people who gets angry very quickly, destroying their nervous system and as a result, the heart suffers. As not get upset less, so keep your heart healthy more. In this case, it is education that we give to ourselves. The moment was dedicated ourselves to control our nerves, we can be more relaxed people and respond to the circumstances.
2. Keep normal cholesterol levels – normal level is below 220.

3. Proper nutrition will keep your heart healthy – eat high-fat foods that, as well as foods that are rich in sugars or salt. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits. In addition, drinking lots of water, about 10 glasses a day.

4. Do not give up physical activity – along with a proper diet, be sure to exercise because the combination of these two factors will help not only to maintain heart health but our overall health level. Known that excess weight makes it difficult for the heart function. Half an hour of aerobic exercise accelerates the pulse, every day, will do the trick.

5. Give up smoking – nicotine and toxic substances in cigarettes are not recommended for the human body and are known to be harmful to the functioning of our blood vessels.

6. Do not overdo the quantity of alcohol – a glass of red wine a day is the recommended amount. Be careful not to pass it.

7. Taking birth control pills – pills “wonder” These latter have side effects such as blood clots, which can cause problems in heart function.

Blood pressure can be caused by several reasons, all factors that are a little less obvious, such as a person’s emotional feelings and his lifestyle.

Some feelings have devastating effects on our body such as fear, anger or stress.

While fear enters our body down and sharpens our senses to help get out of this situation. Anger, for example, causes the formation of adrenaline which causes pressure rise to the top – like an angry person can see the veins stand out with him? It stated calls due to high blood pressure.

This pressure we all locked it daily, at work, at home … this perspective we feel every day when we are not going to wake our dreams and success is not in sight ….

When we are upset we have a tendency to be angry at ourselves to when we are satisfied with the current situation are beginning more and more internal pressures that afflict us.

So what to do against these problems of high blood pressure? How do we keep our blood pressure is balanced?

It is highly recommended to remain calm even in times of stress, even when we want to express anger. I know that in men it can be a little more difficult but it is possible and important.



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